English Words for Class 1

English Words for Class 1


am an as at bad bag
bed beg bell best big bit
box came can cap card cat
chip clan clod cot cube cut
dank dark date deal deep did
dip dog dot drum dust fan
fee feel fire fit fix fled
fog frog fun gang gap get
gift God got gum gun had
hag hard heat help him hint
his hit hot if is it
jam jest jet job jug jump
just keep king lag lap late
leg let life lift like lip
lot lump mad man map me
meal melt men mix mug must
mute nest net nip not on
ox page pen pest pig pin
plot pot pump ran rank rat
rate red rent rest run sad
same sank sat sell sent she
ship shot shut sip six sled
spit stop sun tank tap tent
test tone top tube up us
use van vote wake we went
west wife yet zest

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  1. Bhavishya says

    Thank you sir for English worksheets this had been of great help for me. Class 1

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