English Words for Class 3

English Words for Class 3


acute afford alone attend baste behave
berate beset beside blade bleach blind
blush boy brush butter carrot cheap
chose churn clash cloth clove collate
come compete compose concrete confide confine
confuse consent convene corn crash create
crush curl curly deck deduce deface
depend derive distant doctor dove dream
dress edit elate estate expire explore
finish flute focus for force fork
form formal forty fresh from furry
gleam gloom glue grove gruel halt
hoof humor hunch import joy June
larch large level long love lunch
malt march mature method mince moment
moon morning most moth organ paste
pity plash plump polite ponder potent
procure proof prose prudent punch quilt
rebuke recite recline reduce refine relate
release repel respire retire revive romp
roof rudder salt secure sedate shake
shell short shrub sixth slash slush
smash smith snake song sort speck
spent spike splendid stark steam stint
stock store story stream student stupor
swim taste teach text those thrush
toil tooth torch toy trade trash
turn tutor twine unite unseen waltz
wasp western while wild witness


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