English Words for Class 4

English Words for Class 4


abide absent absolute accuse acrid addict
admit altitude ambulance angel apple arise
assist balcony band bank bath battle
blanket bleat bottle brand brawn bubble
cable cavity charge chess circle classic
clean clip clock cloud club comic
cotton cow craggy cricket custom cutter
death decide digit dimple divide drown
empty fabric faculty fell fifty flash
flung found free full glass gloss
gold gossip grace gravity green ground
hate how indicate intent irritate join
jolly kindle kite label ladle lamb
last lather little mental merit nectar
needle pack paid pillar pink pipe
pose pound prime printer quench quest
rabble race rail rocket round saddle
sample sandy scale screw shelf sheriff
shine shop simple slice soon sound
space speak spin spray staple statement
still summer sweat tape temple think
thumb title town twist ulcer under
vacate vanity wealth wore zest


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