Nombres de animales (Animals name in spanish)

Nombres de animales

Animals name in spanish

Ape – Mono

Ass – Culo

Bear – Oso

Bitch – Perra

Buffalo – Búfalo

Bull – Toro

Calf – Becerro

Camel – Camello

Cat – Gato

Caw – Graznar

Crocodile – Cocodrilo

Dog – Perro

Elephant – Elefante

Ewe – Oveja

Fox – zorro

Giraffe – Jirafa

Goat – Cabra

Horse – Caballo

Hyena – Hiena

Jackal – Chacal

Kangaroo – Canguro

Lamb – Cordero

Lap – Regazo

Leopard – Leopardo

Lion – León

Mongoose – Mangosta

Monkey – Mono

Mule – Mula

Ox – Buey

Panther – Pantera

Pig – Cerdo

Porcupine – Puerco espín

Rabbit – Conejo

Sheep – Oveja

Squirrel – Ardilla

Stage – Escenario

Tiger – Tigre

Wolf – Lobo


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